Yesterday, I listened to the Gus Baha lecture when he came in final forums of studying in Ihya Ulumuddin book written by Imam al-Ghazali in al-Falah Islamic boarding school.

In this forum, Gus Baha was accompanied by Gus Kautsar.

Gus Baha started his lecture by explaining the fact which has become a proof of critical tradition of classical Islamic reference called “Kitab Kuning” by Indonesian Muslims

Gus Baha remarked, “because it is about the knowledge, even though he is the grand-father, it can be demanded.”

The grandfather mentioning here is Gus Kautsar.

“We are in the same position afore knowledge” he Said.

However, he input a few samples in concern to the matters. First of all, is Jami’ul Jawami’ book which was written by the father and the son. They used to criticize and were criticized.

On the other hand, Gus Baha said in Nihayatul Mathlab fi Diroyatul Mazhab book which was written by Imam Haromain. There were several opinions on the book revised by Imam Haromain’s student–Imam al-Ghazali.

Gus Baha Said, “in the knowledge tradition, senior can be demanded by junior, its natural.”

Gus Baha explained, outside things were agreed to have much potential (yes or no).

“The knowledge will be known as ‘false’ or ‘true’, after it has been demanded” as he said.

But Gus Baha said, “the critical-thinking must be accompanied by ethics.

Zaim Ahya, Founder



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